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Within the limits of the slippage value set by the broker, the trader can set his own value. If the final price in an order exceeds the specified threshold, such an order will simply be rejected. We offer our liquidity services on institutional conditions with SWAPs.

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But you as a broker can create an Islamic account type with storage as a payment for holding positions overnight for your clients. B2Broker offers exceptional levels of technology and speed of execution facilitated by a single liquidity contract and single margin account. No need to enter into a separate agreement with an exchange, bank, prime broker, or liquidity provider. Beat your competitors with an exceptional offering to clients with wide range of more than 800 instruments across 7 main asset classes. With B2Broker’s DMA liquidity your clients can trade all assets from one account. Whether you’re an existing or aspiring forex broker who’d like to offer the MT4 trading platform, we offer is a 360 degree front end and back office solutions.

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If he likes the profit/risk ratio, he then starts following a trader and his position will then be copied to his account. The first days and months on the market is the hardest period for any trader. Get access to advanced analytics modules, KYC/AML services, and 60+ fiat payment system integration. Over 30 ready-to-go technical connectors to major FX liquidity providers included, featuring the largest tech hubs like Integral and Currenex.

Of course, you should continue to publish new content on all social media channels. Give them a personal account manager for exceptional support of your most valuable clients. If he likes it, he opens an account and follows one or several money managers. Communicate with a client through via email, write blog posts, develop new offers for active clients such as free VPS, reward programms for big commissions or contests.

Yes, we can help you choose jurisdiction in conjunction with our consulting services and advise you how to get a license once you acquire our services. No, the White Label of MetaTrader and B2Core is hosted only on B2Broker’s servers and is offered only as SaaS. However, you can host the investment platform on your servers. Being a signal provider is more valuable than just personal success and multiplying your own savings.

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The Modulus Marketplace is a collection of solutions provided by Modulus Value Added Resellers. Learn how you can earn substantial revenue with the Modulus Marketplace by becoming a Value Added Reseller. The APIs that are part of the white label solution package can be used as a means of communication with end users who can connect to the trading platform directly. These APIs can also be used to integrate with other services to add more value to your business with costs-saving methods.

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You would do yourself a massive favour by giving their systems a try. A multi-server copy trading solution that allows your clients to share trading signals and follow other traders. Fine-tune your trading platform and create a unique service offer by using our comprehensive product portfolio. Create a trading tribe with live streams on youtube, podcasts and live chats for your clients.

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We offer an array of customised solutions that can be tailored and built to your unique needs. Our solutions guarantee high quality at affordable pricing. Add a fresh perspective to your brokerage business with accelerated growth and enhanced stability. We will be your strategic partner rather than just a solutions provider. SERVICES FOR BROKERS Offshore or onshore, Forex or CFD, from company formation and licensing to website launch and custom development, we’ve got you fully covered!

Full license will require exact amount of upfront payment. Crypto analytics enhanced due diligence and AML compliance procedures for all businesses involved with cryptocurrency. A choice of 6 top stablecoins, including USDT, USDC, GUSD, PAX, TUSD and BUSD are available as a mode of payment. Downloadable reports, real-time balance and transaction history with transparent fees. Wire transfers in USD, EUR and GBP are available via SWIFT, SEPA and Faster Payments together with settlements in major Cryptos and Stablecoins.

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Product range and will help you without asking you too many questions. Opportunities in the industry to save brоkеrs’ time and mоnеy. Easy and quick integration into your new website of any “Turnkey” product from B2Broker, with widgets and a link at the back-end. A logo is an important element of a brand’s corporate identity.

Integrations and CRMs:

Technical analysis is one of the core elements of success in the financial markets. Various indicators, oscillators and tools can help traders identify the trend direction and choose the right moment for opening and closing a position. MetaTrader has built-in programming language MQL4/5, which is very useful and allows developers to create different custom tools for technical analysis and their trading robots. You can optimize parameters and their performance on historical data with a strategy tester. This is an industry standard trading platform for the FOREX market with a huge community of traders and developers around it.

  • Homemade Antifraud system allows for tracking of vulnerabilities from your end-users’ actions.
  • No, we offer a cryptocurrency payment gateway which is capable of accepting any crypto but not fiat currency.
  • Our product managers are deeply knowledgeable about our technical solutions and are there to assist our clients with any specific enquiries.
  • The FOREX market is huge and continues to grow considerably.

SALV integration is a great tool for in-depth analysis of the user activity and access to information on penalties to make informed security decisions. The service allows opening a follower’s account with as little as $1, and PnL is automatically distributed between the PAMM-manager and all their followers. Although the Forex market is highly saturated and extremely competitive, the trading volumes amount to trillions of dollars, and there is always a place for a new player. No, we provide a White Label only with B2Broker Prime-of-Prime Liquidity service.

FOREX BROKERAGE TURNKEY SOLUTIONS Choose our fully customisable solutions built with superior technology & risk management capabilities, just what you need to run a successful forex brokerage. This is an industry standard trading platform for the marginal trading with a huge community of traders and developers around it. MetaTrader provides many tools for technical analysis, risk management and algo-trading with its MQL5 programming language and advanced built-in strategy tester. Freelancers on the official website can help to develop any strategy or custom indicator.

He is trying to develop a trading strategy and follow it. This is an example business model of a FOREX Brokerage company. In looking at your operational structure, you will need to figure out what staff you need, how they will work together and what tools they will need to effectively perform their duties. B2Broker is committed to working alongside its clients to ensure ultimate user satisfaction. An extensive range of tutorials and materials is available to assist with all technical aspects. The infrastructure on which trades are executed is crucially important in obtaining the fastest trade execution possible.


This helps them limit their risks and makes them feel safe and secure. The low pricing makes me recommend turnkeyforex for those who have small account. TradeZero offers all clients state-of-the-art trading software. Special offers for brokers who choose to switch to Sanfrix as their second platform. After more than 30 years spent across Europe in the Information Technology arena, rarely have I found a software development company like Brokeree. When your business is software development, the secret of success relies on how you organize your developers, help-desk and sales team.


We strive to provide quality solutions at an affordable cost so you can get your brokerage running from the ground up in little or no time. Sanfrix’s brokerage solutions are used by several small and medium forex brokerages worldwide. They recognize how some of the key features of our products help them achieve a sustainable and progressive growth along with happy customers.

Hence, any decisions you make in this part of your business model will have a significant influence on your operations overall, including marketing. Ongoing monthly costs for full licensing, servers and a technical support team. Risk-free crypto exchange services with low fees, high exchange limits and fast exchange times. We have more than 100 different settings that can be customized during setup. MetaTrader has become very popular because it is very user friendly and it is widely used by millions of traders worldwide with a vast infrastructure around it. There is a forum on the website where everybody, including traders, developers, and investors can find answers to their questions.

With this proposition good startups can expect virtually unlimited growth possibilities.

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We also help established brokerages accelerate their growth. An investment system designed to connect money managers with investors and introduce funds with automated profit distribution. Delegate routine maintenance duties, including weekly log audit and configuration of servers, to a team of industry experts. Generally speaking yes, but MT4 is not adopted for cryptos.

A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place. Email him once a month or during big market movements and call a client to offer a product he has never used. You can also inform him what has changed since his last authorization in TR.


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